The Game of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Between theory (book) and life (exercises), the gamebook of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success allows to ingrain the different aspects of each law. Therefore, it offers to the non-expressed forces the possibility to appear during your journey towards success.


The book - Summary:
The success covers several aspects. Material wealth is just one of them. Because far more than a destination, the success is a direction. Material abundance, in all its expressions, makes the journey more pleasant. But a true success includes also health, energy , love of life, harmony in relations, freedom to create, emotional and psychological stability, wellbeing and peace of mind. And yet, all these joys will not satisfy us if deep down into our hearts, we do not cultivate the seeds of divinity... To succeed means meeting the divine, wherever we go and in all that surrounds us: the eyes of a child, the beauty of a flower, the flight of a bird... Through out seven simple but strict laws, Dr. Deepak Chopra gives us the keys to success in all fields. Keys of wisdom and... true happiness.


The game: 
36 illustrated cards and a die. While playing (alone or several), choose your field: material abundance, good health, energy, enthusiasm, harmonious relations, creativity, emotional stability, psychological stability, wellbeing, peace of mind...


Authors: Deepak Chopra - Marc Kucharz
Wellbeing Game-Book Collection
Publisher: Guy Tredaniel 
Price: €27.38

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