Conversations with God, The Game

This game-book is inspired by Neale Donald Walsch’s bestseller, Conversations with God. It makes us aware of our behavior and change, at a time when we are increasingly faced with change and upheaval, whether natural or consequences of human action.
These profound changes amplify the emotions of fear that keep us in a decreased energy. But if fear is one thing that we have, it is not at all what we are. With the development of our consciousness, we can activate our free will and our emotions transform fear into love emotions. By choosing to think, speak and act differently, we offer our service with new energy, both regenerated and amplified.
By combining the theory of the book with the practice the game, this game-book gives the player a playful place of learning to adapt more easily to new global challenges and to BE the master of the game of his life. Life is a game, play the game!


Authors: Neale Donald Walsch - Marc Kucharz

Collection Game-Book of Wellbeing
Publisher: Guy Tredaniel
Price: €24.34

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