Coach Your Own Life

The game helps life, life is in the game....


Are you doing some soul-searching? Are you looking for your way? 

This book is made to simply help you to Coach your life, no matter what kind of problem you have or how old you are. Ask a question. Freely choose 3 words, one of each color.


The red words say you have to make a break and search

The orange words say it is time to be alert

The green words say it is time for action


The solutions are within yourself. This game and this book help you to discover them.


Its originality is to suggest three entrances: in-depth reading, the use of the exercises and the practice of the game-book of possibilities, giving all the chance to appreciate your march and to discover the way of "the alert person".


The game gives the opportunity to discover some signs — colorful words — enabling you to become your own life-coach.


Marc Kucharz, author of games of well-being since 25 years offers his talent to everyone and help each one to get a better life.


Book and game available online on Apple Store at €1.99


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