Beside creation, for a few years, I also have turned books into games

Marc Kucharz Marc Kucharz

In parallel to creation, for a few years, I have transformed also books into games. At school where the rules were very rigid (with blow of rule on the fingers sometimes), the escape was in games (baccalaureate, naval battle) and play in the courtyard (soccer). In summer camp when it rained, there were board games (monopoly, cards, etc.). When the weather was fine, there were outdoor games (soccer, captive ball, etc.). Games socialized me by accepting the rules, by respecting the opponent, the referee and all the rest… During a 10 years quest through several countries cultures (Yemen, the USA, etc.), rules of life, trades as different the ones as the others, I learned how to adapt myself to them. It was a question of survival. My vocation was born. I started to make boards, educational and communication for companies by "chance" and with pleasure. I won the Lud’or Price in 1993 & 1994 at the International Game Exhibition for the Training and Communication game called “Ludimat”. In parallel to games design, I also transform books into games. Life is a game. Let's play.


Marc Kucharz

• Higher Advertising College (École Supérieure de Publicité - ESP): "Communication through the game"
• University Institute for Teachers Training (Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres/IUFM de Paris): "The game as educational support"
International Training and Communication Game Exhibition (Salon International du jeu de Formation et de Communication - CNIT): Lecture about open game concept (matrix)
• Conferences about "WELLBEING GAME-BOOK" Collection: Welbeing and Soft Medicine Exhibilition (Porte de Versailles, Paris), Vivre Autrement Exhibition - Live differently Exhibition (Parc Floral, Paris), Vivez Nature Exhibition - Live naturally Exhibition (City of Sciences, Paris) and Zen Exhibition (Espace Champerret, Paris).

International Training and Communication Game Exhibition:

LUD’OR 1993 for "Tour de controle" (game on evaluation and control of knowledge)
• LUD’OR 1994 for "Pluri-jeux" (game on decision-making help and adaptation to changes)
• Special Jury Prize 1999 for "Le Huit Piégé" (game on prevention of domestic accidents)

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