A human being remembers 10% of what he reads, 20% of what he hears, 30% of what he sees and 90% of what he experiments

Marc Kucharz Marc Kucharz

This is why playing games results in very powerful memorization of a message. Everyone remembers that Mayfair in London or Boardwalk in Atlantic City is the most expensive area in Monopoly.


Carrier of a universal language, the game is one of the communication supports which transcends socio-cultural and geographic barriers. It fosters an anchoring of the rules of life in society (respect, tolerance...).


The game facilitates adaptations to the changes, presenting a simplified and therefore more accessible reality. This approximate reality enables the player to acquire a comprehensive view of games mechanisms and better understand the way they function.


Between the possible and the impossible there is a play apprenticeship.


The game is in life and... the game helps life.


Marc Kucharz

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